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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Power Of God

How can we describe the power of our Creator or the ability of our infinite God in all things?It is really impossible to define the power of God.It is so powerful and great and vast that our little minds cannot understand it.No one who takes the Bible seriously can deny the power of God. Whether we study zoology, astronomy, meteorology and any other scientific pursuit, it will become apparent that all creatures and all things have a Maker, indeed an Almighty Creator and Preserver.God revealed himself in the Bible about his adequate power to do anything thought by man to be impossible.However much we investigate, to whatever extent we carry our search, we still have to say, We know but little, especially when it comes to God's attributes, and particularly his infinite power and might.

The earliest manifestation of God’s power is seen in the creation of the world in which we live.He has made the earth by His power, He has established the world by His wisdom, and has stretched out the heavens at His discretion. (Jere 10:12).Throughout Scripture, the creation of the world is cited as a compelling testimony of the power of God.The power of God is seen in those commissions in the air and earth: thunders, lightnings, storms, earthquakes, hurricanes.Animals,Birds,Plants etc. of the earth speak of his infinite power.Innumerable other creatures can be mentioned to testify the power of God.Not only does all creation bear witness to the great power of God, but also to His entire in-dependency of all created things.Man's power is limited, his measuring rod is too short to acquire a proper idea of the incomprehensible omnipotence of God.

Without the power of God working in you, there is no victory, there is no overcoming. The power of God works in us, and keeps us through faith to salvation, which is to be delivered from sin. Christendom today is without the cross and without the true hope; and so without the power of God, left only as a hollow shell of the original Christianity, without the new life of the new creature, without holiness, boasting of their imperfection, perishing, whose end is destruction. For without the power of God released to change a man, his heart remains full of sin and unacceptable to God, whatever his lips may say in the form of worship.

If we really believed God is omnipotent, we would come to Him in prayer first, not as a last resort after having tried every other means and failed. We would forsake trusting in the idols of our day and trust in Him. We would humbly acknowledge that all the blessings we have are a gift of His grace and the result of the working of His power. Our prayers would be filled with praise and thanksgiving, seeing God as the Source of every blessing.We would be filled with faith and hope, knowing that no purpose of God can be thwarted (2 Chron. 20:6) and that every promise God has made will be fulfilled, in His time, and exactly as He has promised.

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